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High School Students Get Class Credit for Help Desk Work

All across the nation, students are running help desks at their high schools. And they’re doing so for class credit. It all started in 2011, when Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts, rolled out over 1,000 iPad tablets for student and teacher use. Because the school’s IT department would have been overwhelmed by calls for […]

New Senate Bill Could Overhaul Sex Education for the Better

The state of sex education in America is a shame. Only 13 states require that sex-education be medically accurate, which has led to an explosion of inaccurate, and sometimes even bizarre, sex education courses throughout the country. The main point of most of these classes is “abstinence only,” which has been proven to result in […]

Kid Corralling Tips From Teachers

Ever watch a teacher and wonder how they manage thirty kids all day while you can barely keep your two out of trouble for twenty minutes? Here are a few tips, straight from the experts. Voice down, not up. If you have something to say and you need your kids to settle and listen, lower […]

No Homework, No Recess

Everything is going smoothly, and all the kids are on task.  All, except for little Johnny.  All the other kids have written essays.  Johnny has written nothing.  All the other kids have clean desks.  Johnny has doodled all over his.  While others are focused Johnny seems bored and plays with a piece of string he […]

Why School Might Not Start on Time in Seattle

With about one week to go, Seattle Public Schools has not reached a deal with the union yet.  They are formally warning families that school may not start on time.  The district just started sending out robocalls and emails to alert families to be prepared in case the Seattle Education Association delays the first day […]

Immunizations for School

New school supplies? Check.  New school clothing that fits and is stylish? Check.  Do they have immunizations?  Wait…what?  My kid needs immunizations?  Your kid is ready to go, but the school might not even let them in the door if they are not properly immunized against potentially dangerous diseases. The list of what schools require […]

Attendance is Attainable in Oakland

What is the cornerstone of achievement in school?  Some say it starts with a healthy breakfast.  Some say it comes down to doing your homework.  Some say it is all about attendance.  Elementary school students in Oakland, California believe it is all of these things. A group of students from La Escuelita Elementary School filmed […]

Is Homeschooling Creepy?

An entire school career can be a wild ride.  Looking back, what do you remember? Maybe you had a bad photo taken on picture day in elementary school.  Maybe you got braces in middle school.  Maybe you attended your high school prom with your sweetheart.  There were probably some ups and downs. What stands out […]

School-Haters Anonymous

My kid hates school.  What do I do? That is a great question.  The first step is that you actually care.  Believe it or not, there are parents out there who simply do not care about their child’s academic success.  So, congratulations on being a loving, caring parent!  But what do you do about the […]

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