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DeVos Confirmed as Secretary of Education

On February 7, 2017, a historic tie-breaking vote confirmed Betsy DeVos as the next Secretary of Education. Two Republicans voted against DeVos’s confirmation—Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska—but other than that, the vote fell completely along party lines, with 46 Democrats and two Independents voting against, and 50 Republicans voting in favor […]

Tips for Teaching Students How to Detect Fake News

There has been a lot of discussion about fake news and how it may have affected the recent presidential election. From clickbait sites to deliberately misleading sites to satire sites, and sites that may spread fake news by accident, the impact of fake news is far-reaching. A recent study from Stanford showed that middle and […]

Letting Kids Win Is Bad for Them

Letting kids win at games might actually be bad for them. According to new research from Amherst College, rigging a game so that young children always win prevents them from developing the skills necessary to formulate judgments about those skills. Essentially, if kids never have to try in order to succeed, they don’t learn how […]

Teacher Burnout Linked to Student Stress

A new study from the University of British Columbia has found a link between teacher burnout and student stress. The study found that students in classes with teachers who reported more burnout had higher levels of cortisol, a chemical related to stress. It is unclear yet whether teacher burnout leads to increased student stress, whether […]

Bullying’s Effects Last Far Beyond High School

We’ve become increasingly aware in recent years that bullying is a serious problem faced by children throughout their lives, but that awareness has been focused on the elementary and high school years. According to a recent study appearing in the journal Social Psychology of Education, bullying can have a negative impact on people well past […]

Second Grade Teacher’s No-Homework Policy Takes the Web By Storm

It may seem strange to some people to imagine kids getting homework in second grade, but thanks to changes in teaching theories and the introduction of Common Core educational standards, younger and younger children have been getting reading, writing, social studies and math assignments to complete after school. In light of this, a note from Texas second-grade […]

FUNtervals Improve Behavior of Grade School Students

According to a study out of Queen’s University in Ontario, four minutes of physical activity can improve the behavior of elementary school students. The study was lead by researcher and professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Brendon Gurd. Gurd’s study found that a brief, high-intensity interval of exercise, called a “FUNterval”, reduced […]

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