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Adults Focus More, Young Children Notice More

Although adults are better at paying attention to things, children notice and remember more. A new study from The Ohio State University have found that adults are better at focusing on things they are instructed to focus on than children, but that children given the same tests notice more details overall, and remember them. This […]

More Salad Bars in Schools Only Help If More Kids Use Them

Salads are healthy when they’re prepared well, but even a salad with too much dressing is probably healthier than pizza, right? With that in mind, an initiative called Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools has been working to get more salad bars into primary and secondary schools. As a result, about 50 percent of high […]

Peers Give Students More Reason to Learn

Students everywhere have wondered, at some point, why they had to learn about some subject. It is perhaps more common in high schools and colleges, especially in general education courses. Why should one learn about American history when they want to study packaging science, for example? Every teacher has a response for these questions, and […]

Schools Starting to Stock Opioid Overdose Antidote

It’s an unfortunate sign of the times and a reflection of a growing crisis. School nurses’ medicine cabinets contain all sorts of remedies for minor bruises, headaches, and allergic reactions—and now in some schools, those nurses also have naloxone. Naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdoses, can and does save lives. But […]

Education at Kakuma Camp Depends on Cell Phones

Sudan’s second civil war was a quarter of a century ago, but refugees from that conflict still live in a Kenyan refugee camp called Kakuma. Occupied continually since 1992, Kakuma refugee camp now holds around 200,000 refugees from 20 African countries, which makes it a city of its own, as large as Orlando, Florida. To […]

Does Media Multitasking Increase Youth Distractibility?

According to a study performed by doctoral student Mona Moisala at the University of Helsinki, media multitasking is related to struggling to pay attention. The operative word here is related, as her research hasn’t made a clear connection yet. Moisala used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study brain activity as they performed a variety […]

Exercise Helps Kids Learn Math

Helping kids get better at math is a struggle for many teachers and parents, not to mention the students themselves. However, it seems like there might be a secret weapon that most of us didn’t expect: physical activity. A study from the University of Copenhagen has shown that kids learn math better when they’re physically […]

Minnesota’s Educational Challenges Mirror Country

Minnesotan legislators are getting ready to make some big decisions about education in the state. While specific needs will vary by region, it’s interesting to note that the issues Minnesota is currently dealing with are pretty common across the U.S. as we head into 2017: Teacher Licensing Based on a report from the legislative auditor […]

When Should Your Sick Child Stay Home From School?

It’s a fact of childhood; kids get sick more than adults. Their immune systems haven’t encountered as many pathogens yet, and they have fewer resources to fight them. So for parents of school children, it can seem like their kids are always waking up with fevers, sniffles, or upset stomachs. Deciding whether or not to […]

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