The Delectable Teachings of Mathematics

“The kids had switched off to math long before I had even got there.” This was how one math teacher, Nigel Nisbet, described the start of his teaching experience in a high school geometry class. He would draw geometric shapes on the board and run through an exercise problem, then he would have his students […]

Holiday Activities and Lesson Plans

If you’re a teacher you might be thinking about how you can bring some holiday activities into the classroom this season. From decorating the classroom, to gift making for parents, here is a list of ways you can incorporate the holiday season in the classroom: Decorate! Demonstrate to your students how to create snowflake cut […]

Bill Gates: Bumps in the Road and Making a Dent in Education

Change for education is a slow difficult one. That’s what Bill Gates would say. Working towards improving education requires making mistakes and learning from them. It means that some philanthropic investments in public schools may prove to be relatively ineffective. The fact is, the road to creating positive change can come with some high costs. […]

Pilot Schools: Customizing Education

You’ve heard the term “pilot schools” in numerous headlines in the education section of various newspapers and newsfeeds, but what are pilot schools exactly? Pilot schools are similar yet different from charter schools. Like charter schools, pilot schools have more freedom over budgets, the school calendar, and staffing than public schools. Charter schools must report […]

George Lucas to Donate $4 billion to Education

George Lucas, chairman and CEO of Lucasfilm, is handing over Lucasfilm and its Star Wars creations to Disney for $4 billion, making it Disney’s fourth largest buyout ever. Disney plans to release a seventh Star Wars film in 2015, and Disney CEO Robert Iger has also proposed the idea of bringing Star Wars to television. […]

Falling into College Admissions

Fall is in the air, and that means college admissions for high school seniors. While senior year is considered the best year of high school, a time to be young and free, it certainly does not come without the stresses over college admissions and college decision-making. There are stresses over which schools to apply to, […]

Craig Barrett Supports Arizona’s Education Reform

So Arizona’s education system has cracked down to business on education reform. It’s great to see that individual states and school districts are doing their part to help America’s students get to where they need be in reading, math, and science. It really is a sum of everyone’s efforts that will bring about the change […]

NYCHA’s John B Rhea Supports Early Childhood Education

John Rhea, NYCHA’s current Chairman, was appointed to his position at the New York City Housing Authority by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2009. This appointment came after Rhea served for 20 years in the private sector. While maintaining his status as a board member for the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, John B. Rhea has also […]

Emily Youssouf, NYCHA’s Vice Chair Shares her Tricks of the Trade

Emily Youssouf, NYCHA’s Vice-Chair, is an expert in finance and affordable housing, but she doesn’t keep her success to herself. Youssouf has shared tricks the business with students in the classrooms of NYU and uses her knowledge to help improve the New York City Housing Authority’s developments on a daily basis. She contributes  to education […]

Henry Kravis Supports Education with Advice, Incentives, and Donations

Henry Kravis has donated millions of dollars to educational institutions like Columbia Business School and Claremont McKenna, but besides sheer donations, he has contributed knowledge, advice, and scholarship prizes to the field of education. The Henry Kravis Prize for Leadership is an annual award of $250,000 for exemplary leaders and innovators in the non-profit sector. This prize […]

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