Ways to Use Blogs in the Classroom

Many teachers today are using technology in the classroom and it’s opening doors for new ways of learning. Teachers looking to incorporate education technology should not overlook the power of the blog. Whether it is used for a class website or for individual student projects, blogging in the classroom can connect students, parents, and teachers […]

What’s Missing from Education: Learning Outside the Classroom

What’s missing from education in America? Seems like a rather broad question with innumerable answers. But perhaps all of them can be summed into one: what’s missing from classrooms is, in fact, all that lies outside classrooms. And students? Well we’ve been instructed and geared towards what’s in classrooms, not what’s outside of them. If […]

The International Rescue Committee

In the past year alone 76,000 refugees fled persecution or threat of persecution in their home countries and were admitted to the U.S. It is estimated that about 45% of the world’s refugees are under the age of 18. This means that every year a significant number of child refugees are entering America’s school system. […]

Teacher Evaluations: Should Students Have a Say?

Recent in debate is the hot topic of teacher evaluations. According to the article, Education Nation: Teachers wary of new evaluations in aftermath of Chicago strike, results of a poll during a teacher town hall hosted by Education Nation found that 72 percent of teachers believed that student test scores should account for less than […]

Helping Students Get to College—There’s an App for That

The power of technology in supporting education proves itself once again in a challenge put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The competition is called the College Knowledge Challenge and the award is a whopping $2.5 million worth of prizes. So what is this fantastic contest all about? Facebook and the Bill and […]

Trending: Corporations Support STEM Education Through Innovative Competitions

Major corporations like  Microsoft, Intel, Moody’s Corporation, Time Warner, and i. am. FIRST have all at some point sat around their conference rooms and brainstormed an answer to the puzzling question, ‘how can we support STEM education and the pursuit of STEM careers?’ We could take a step back and ask, why would they be […]

Ensuring the Payoff: Making the School Lunch Change an Effective One

When it comes to reforming school lunches in America, organizations like the National Farm to School Network and Shape Up America! are making all the right moves. These organizations and many others that are a part of the National Alliance for Nutrition & Activity are working towards increasing students’ access to healthy, nutritious meals, improving nutrition education […]

“The College Experience”…. Decisions, Decisions

The college experience is a phrase with which a significant percentage of Americans can identify. However, to almost every individual with a university background, it takes on a different meaning. For some, the college experience may have taken place at a small, Jesuit school in a rural area while for others it may have occurred […]

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