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Birds and Bees Need Not Apply: Report Finds Texas Sex Ed Programs Lacking

It’s unlikely that any adult really enjoys having The Talk with a teenager. But avoiding the birds and the bees leads to trouble, as Texas is finding out. The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has released a new report on the state of sex education in Texas public schools. “Conspiracy of Silence: Sexuality Education in […]

DeVos Confirmed as Secretary of Education

On February 7, 2017, a historic tie-breaking vote confirmed Betsy DeVos as the next Secretary of Education. Two Republicans voted against DeVos’s confirmation—Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska—but other than that, the vote fell completely along party lines, with 46 Democrats and two Independents voting against, and 50 Republicans voting in favor […]

When Should Your Sick Child Stay Home From School?

It’s a fact of childhood; kids get sick more than adults. Their immune systems haven’t encountered as many pathogens yet, and they have fewer resources to fight them. So for parents of school children, it can seem like their kids are always waking up with fevers, sniffles, or upset stomachs. Deciding whether or not to […]

Is Betsy DeVos Qualified to Be Secretary of Education?

By now videos and transcripts of Betsy DeVos’s education confirmation hearing have made the rounds, marking this as the first hearing to go viral on social media. The videos show DeVos unable to answer a variety of questions posed to her about guns in schools, federal education funding, accountability, and the specifics of the Individuals […]

Parent Involvement is Key to School Success

A common topic in the discussion of educational reform is the issue of parent involvement. Traditionalists cite a past where parents taught their children the basics and the tenets of common sense while progressives tout the need for a more holistic educational environment that blends home and school. Both agree that a major issue in […]

Four Tips for Getting Kids Interested in Science and Tech

One of the hardest things about getting kids interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields is that they simply don’t have a lot of exposure to it beyond being users of technology. Girls in particular get shorted when it comes to STEM opportunities, because many of them feel they’re bad at math or […]

Five Educational Video Game Sites for Kids

We all know that kids like to play video games. Whether it’s Pokémon Go or games played on social networks or through phone apps, we’ve raised a generation of game-loving children. While some may think this will lead to the end of society as we know it, research has proven otherwise. A 2013 study conducted […]

Letting Kids Win Is Bad for Them

Letting kids win at games might actually be bad for them. According to new research from Amherst College, rigging a game so that young children always win prevents them from developing the skills necessary to formulate judgments about those skills. Essentially, if kids never have to try in order to succeed, they don’t learn how […]

Teachers Vital Support to LGBTQ Students, Parents

Growing up gay, transgender, or anywhere else in the “rainbow” can be difficult. As the LGBTQ community becomes more open and accepted, we’ve put a lot of thought into how to help kids deal with the challenges of being a part of that community. But the most significant challenge, finding acceptance, can be hard not […]

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