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Success in the Knowledge Economy Requires an Education that Prepares Students for Career and College

Children growing up in disadvantaged communities must have access to good education if they’re going to succeed in the knowledge economy. Current school curriculums are not preparing students well enough for them to prosper in a career or in college. Luckily there are programs like Partnership for New York City and School the World that […]

The English Language is a Living Thing

Everyone knows at least one person who is very particular about grammar or the way words are used in English. People who stand fervently against the singular “they,” or insist that the word decimate can only ever mean killing one in ten soldiers as a form of military punishment. But here’s the thing: language is […]

One Man Keeps Hmong Music Alive

Traditionally, the payment for a Hmong funerary musician, a txiv qeej (pronounced “tsee kheng”), is three ribs of the cow slaughtered for the funeral meals and a token payment, usually only enough to cover gas. There are a lot of traditions attached to the qeej, the set of bamboo pipes played by a single mouthpiece. […]

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action at University of Texas

Last week, the United States Supreme Court decided that it would uphold the affirmative action program at the University of Texas, which was recently challenged in a court case. The 4-3 decision certainly helps make the educational community feel more relaxed, as affirmative action is a necessary program for schools’ diversity around the country. This […]

“Intellectually Arrogant” People Perform Better, Academically

According to a recent study by researchers at Baylor University, people who are “intellectually arrogant,” or think they know everything, tend to perform better academically than more modest people. This surprised researchers, who had assumed that more modest people would do better as they were more open to criticism and learning new things. The team […]

Harvard Business School is an Innovation Incubator

Shark Tank premiered on television in 2009. It marked the arrival of the business pitch as a source of entertainment. Traditionally, pitching an idea to investors is a dull process executed in boardrooms with little fanfare. The technology boom transformed that paradigm. Technology pioneers challenged business conventions as they innovated software, hardware, social media, and […]

Using Education to Give Back

It is fair to say that education and philanthropy are intimately linked. In fact, many people like to use the power and privilege that their education and success have provided them to give back to the communities they are from. Renowned Miami litigator Kendall Coffey is a great example. Coffey teaches at law at the […]

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