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Study Finds That Violent Video Games Don’t Affect Empathy

The question of whether media depictions of violence, whether in video games, movies, TV shows, narrative, or comic books, is an old one. It is a question that concerns many different people, from parents to teachers to politicians. And it is also a question that persists despite the fact that no studies have found conclusive […]

Harvard Law Finds Innovative Way to Diversify Its Applicant Pool

Typically, people applying to law school have to sit for the imposing LSAT (Law School Admission Test), a standardized test formulated to predict success in law school. However, Harvard Law, one of the nation’s most elite law schools, will accept scores from the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), which most graduate school applicants in all disciplines […]

California May Eliminate Income Tax for Teachers

California is facing a drastic teacher shortage. According to a survey of 211 school districts in that state, 75 percent reported having a shortage of qualified teachers for the 2016-17 school year. Eighty percent said the shortages have gotten worse since the 2013-14 school year, and is especially notable in special education, math, science, and […]

Researchers Offer Tips for Improving College Freshman Retention

In the United States, college freshmen have about a 68 percent retention rate, meaning that about 3 out of every 10 students doesn’t return to the same university for their second year. Some move on to other schools, while others simply leave higher education altogether, permanently or for a short period. But universities are, understandably, […]

Algebra Is the X Factor In College Success

Algebra is a problem—and not a binomial one, either. A stunning 60 percent of incoming community college students have to take remedial math classes due to lack of skill in algebra. Four-year public colleges see 40 percent of their incoming students taking at least one remedial class, and a third of those are remedial math […]

Video Game Players Help Researchers Understand Skill Development

A pair of studies from Brown University has investigated how video game players develop their skills, and that could have a benefit for students and teachers. The study looked at two very different games, the shooter Halo: Reach, and the strategy game StarCraft 2. “The great thing about game data is that it’s naturalistic, there’s […]

One High School Wins Big in Snap IPO

Back in 2012, venture capitalist Barry Eggers, co-founder of venture capital company Lightspeed Venture Partners, became the chair of the Saint Francis High School growth fund. At the time, Eggers’ two children attended Saint Francis, a private Roman Catholic high school in Mountain View, California. They and their friends were obsessed with a new app called […]

Chicago Students Perform, Learn at “Hamilton”

The PrivateBank Theatre in Chicago seats 1800, and Hamilton, the hip-hop historical smash hit musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, sells it out every night. On Wednesday, February 22, every seat was full as usual, but this time, they were all occupied by high school students. Students and teachers from 30 schools in the Chicago Public School […]

Birds and Bees Need Not Apply: Report Finds Texas Sex Ed Programs Lacking

It’s unlikely that any adult really enjoys having The Talk with a teenager. But avoiding the birds and the bees leads to trouble, as Texas is finding out. The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has released a new report on the state of sex education in Texas public schools. “Conspiracy of Silence: Sexuality Education in […]

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