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Safety Tips for Studying Abroad

We have written articles on the benefits of study abroad programs for students in the past. But how can your student stay safe during unfamiliar countries? Here are some tips for protecting your child, or even yourself, when you study abroad: Children studying abroad As parents, having your kids studying abroad can be both exciting and […]

Study Smarter, Not Harder

To most students, approaching exams seem more like an imminent threat than an opportunity to prove themselves best among the rest. Have you ever thought, ‘Why some students are able to score the exams with flying colors even with last-minute studies, while some fall short even with months of hard work?’ The answer is that […]

Preparing Your Child For The First Day At School

The first day of school is an extremely daunting experience for everyone involved. For teachers, particularly teachers starting at a new school, it is a daunting experience as it may be their first time teaching a class, or they are unsure how to proceed with their first year, and they may be worried about failing. […]

AP Classes: Worth the Hype? Yes!

This spring as your high school student plans his/her Fall 2014 schedule, you might be wondering whether or not taking AP, IB, or community college classes is worth it.  In short, my answer is a resounding yes.  I remember finding out that I was receiving 15 units of college credit for the AP and community […]

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