States Taking Steps to Reduce Student Debt Burden

Tennessee recently became the first state to offer tuition-free community college. Tuition-free community college will provide access to higher education for those who might have previously been excluded from such a luxury. The approved bill will expand the 2014 Tennessee Promise program that made “tuition and fees free for recent high school graduates enrolled in […]

Black Students Punished for Wearing Braided Extensions

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, Massachusetts, has a dress code that is designed to equalize students by forbidding expensive hairstyles and clothes that could create socioeconomic class barriers. The trouble is, the code seems to have been applied selectively in the case of two black students, who were given detentions and may be […]

Netflix Is Rebooting Some of Our Favorite 1990s Children’s Shows

The 1990s were a good time for children’s education-themed TV. For the very young, Sesame Street had just been given new life, and for those in elementary school, there were Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, Wishbone, Ghostwriter, Carmen Sandiego, and Schoolhouse Rock. Science, literature and writing, geography, and math, all packaged […]

Kids Are Learning Basic Reading Skills Earlier

Overall, kids entering the first grade are better readers than they were 12 years ago. This is according to a study from The Ohio State University, which has found that many students are learning in kindergarten the basic reading skills they had been learning in first grade. This means important skills are being taught sooner, […]

No Best Choice for Disabled Students in Voucher States

Under IDEA, the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, public schools across the U.S. are required to provide accommodations to those who need them to access one of our most important rights, the right a free and equal education. For some, those accommodations are aides or interpreters. They can be something as simple as a […]

Adults Focus More, Young Children Notice More

Although adults are better at paying attention to things, children notice and remember more. A new study from The Ohio State University have found that adults are better at focusing on things they are instructed to focus on than children, but that children given the same tests notice more details overall, and remember them. This […]

Teenage Investigative Journalists Make Shocking Discovery

On March 6, 2017, Amy Robertson was hired to be the new head principal of Pittsburg High School, in Kansas. Supposedly, she was vetted by a committee of teachers and staff from the district, selected with all the care due someone who would be so pivotal to the education of so many. At first, the […]

Students Who Face Adversity May Be More Well-Equipped for Success

Franklin and Marshall College, a private liberal arts institution located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is introducing a revolutionary new program that seeks to develop a culture of resilience on campus. The program, called the Mehlman Talent Initiative, will empower students with the strength they need to overcome any obstacle. Franklin and Marshall College alumnus and trustee […]

Researchers Can Predict Reading Ability Through Genetics

Researchers at King’s College London have developed a technique to predict the ability of children to learn to read based on their genetics. They found that certain parts of the DNA align with reading performance, and after comparing the genes of students in the Twins Early Development Study with records of their reading ability, they found […]

More Salad Bars in Schools Only Help If More Kids Use Them

Salads are healthy when they’re prepared well, but even a salad with too much dressing is probably healthier than pizza, right? With that in mind, an initiative called Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools has been working to get more salad bars into primary and secondary schools. As a result, about 50 percent of high […]

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