ITT Tech Closes, Leaving Students In Limbo

Photo: Jonathan Weiss / For anyone watching, September has been a domino chain of disaster for students at the for-profit educational franchise ITT Tech. In August, the federal Department of Education banned the company from enrolling any new students using federal financial aid, on the grounds that the company had become a financial risk […]

Football Players are at Increased Risk of Heat-Related Injuries

Football is a dangerous game, and society has started to pay a lot more attention to the injuries that can happen to players of that sport. The focus to this point has been largely on head injuries, and while those are certainly something to be concerned about, they aren’t the only dangers players face. Between […]

Bullying’s Effects Last Far Beyond High School

We’ve become increasingly aware in recent years that bullying is a serious problem faced by children throughout their lives, but that awareness has been focused on the elementary and high school years. According to a recent study appearing in the journal Social Psychology of Education, bullying can have a negative impact on people well past […]

Education Secretary Tries for Fair Distribution of School Funds

It is a statistical truth that richer schools are given more money, in the US public school system. It’s a cycle of advantage—richer schools attract better, more experienced teachers, who require higher salaries and better facilities, which needs more money, which makes the school richer… and so on and so forth. Teachers in poorly funded […]

Teaching Kids to Be Safe Online

Strictly speaking, Facebook doesn’t want anyone to have an account before the age of 13. Twitter, too. But there’s no one checking ID. Children today grow up with the internet as a presence they interact with all the time, omnipresent in home and school. Most education in online safety and social media use comes simply […]

Will Robots Advance Orthopedic Surgery?

Robots, or robotic elements, are already used for many types of surgeries, including orthopedic procedures such as hip and knee replacements. But what future do robots have in the field of orthopedics? Will robotics help advance the field, providing better services to patients who have other orthopedic problems such as clubfoot or spinal deformities? Or […]

President Obama Celebrates Science, and Young Scientists As Well

President Obama at the National Medal of Science ceremony. Photo: Jose Gil / President Obama is a nerd. A lot of people describe themselves as nerds these days, and some people think it’s “in” to be nerdy, while others resent that because they used to be called nerds in school and it was hurtful […]

New Senate Bill Could Overhaul Sex Education for the Better

The state of sex education in America is a shame. Only 13 states require that sex-education be medically accurate, which has led to an explosion of inaccurate, and sometimes even bizarre, sex education courses throughout the country. The main point of most of these classes is “abstinence only,” which has been proven to result in […]

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