Second Grade Teacher’s No-Homework Policy Takes the Web By Storm

It may seem strange to some people to imagine kids getting homework in second grade, but thanks to changes in teaching theories and the introduction of Common Core educational standards, younger and younger children have been getting reading, writing, social studies and math assignments to complete after school. In light of this, a note from Texas second-grade […]

Satanic Temple Targets Evangelical After-school Clubs

The Satanic Temple first came to national prominence when it tried to erect a statue of Baphomet outside of a courthouse that was planning on putting a statue of the Ten Commandments there. Since then, they have fought for the separation of church and state around the country, often with showy tactics like the Baphomet statue. […]

Vocational Skills Training is Good for Students and for Business

Education is important to the economy. In most people’s minds, that translates to “get a degree, get a good job.” The problem is that the modern economy is one in which skilled labor is in higher demand than degrees in the humanities and other fields. It’s really always been that way, but over the last […]

27 More Educational TV Shows Available on Netflix

My 2013 post featuring 40 educational TV shows available on Netflix is so popular that I decided it was time to do an updated list. So, without further ado, here are 27 great titles that can teach kids of all ages about academic subjects, positive values and even foreign languages. These shows were all available […]

NAACP Comes Out Against Charter Schools

The NAACP has approved a resolution calling for an end to the expansion of privately run charter schools. They maintain that charter schools are publicly funded but do not serve the needs of the public, and often further disadvantage poor communities in which they are built. The organization argues that charter schools do not serve […]

Behavior Charts Can Cause Problems for Children

Early childhood education can be difficult, as teachers are tasked with not only getting kids started in academic subjects, but teaching them to socialize with one another and with adults outside of their immediate families. That can be stressful for teachers, students, and parents, and there are a multitude of techniques that teachers have tried […]

Racism Leads to Mental Health Issues

Racism is bad for mental health. While a number of studies have shown that people subjected to racist attacks tend to have higher instances of mental health problems than people who do not, a new study from the United Kingdom has shown how repeated racist attacks degrade mental health over time. Following the Brexit campaign […]

Harry Potter Readers Less Approving of Donald Trump

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald?” is the name of an actual paper. The study, authored by Dr. Diana C. Mutz of the University of Pennsylvania, found that people who have read Harry Potter books have a lower opinion of Donald Trump, regardless of gender, party affiliation, age, education, and a number of other factors […]

A Dwindling Supply of Teachers

In 2004, teaching degrees were awarded to 106,300 students in the US. Even then, that didn’t fill the need. But those numbers have since slipped even further. In 2014, only 98,900 education graduates crossed the boards, and the numbers have continued that downwards slide. In some states, the plunge has been even more dramatic. In […]

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